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    10 years experience in Marketing Strategy, Product and Bus-Dev.

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    Adventurer, Unapologetic Expert Generalist and life enthusiast

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Professional Background and Areas of Expertise

Growth marketing, End-to-End Marketing Program Management, Marketing Automation, Business Development, CRM Administration, SEO and SEM campaign management, strategy consulting and more...

Technical Experience

  • Agile Dev Management
  • Rapid Prototyping (EE & ME)
  • Basic R and Matlab
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, XML
  • Basic PHP, Javascript and Python
  • A dozen+ websites developed
  • ERP & Ecommerce Admin

Growth and Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Automation(Certified)
  • CRM Administration
  • SEM and SEO Campaign mgmt.
  • Competitive intel & Strategy
  • Solid KOL and Luminary mgmt
  • End to end email campaign
  • Strong Content Writing Skills

Management & Strategy

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • FDA & Health Regulations
  • HR Law and Recruiting
  • Direct and International Mgmt
  • MultiCultural and Multilingual
  • Knowledge of HealthCare ecosystem

Scientific Interests

  • Biology of Aging
  • Bioinformatics & Health Analytics
  • Bio Research Automation
  • Molecular/MicroFluidic Diagnostics
  • Robotics & Rapid Prototyping
  • Genomics and DIY Bio
  • Imaging and Optics Exp.


A few published articles, papers and other...

  • Culture and Technology Success Factors in Organizational Wellness (2015)

  • An Opinion on the Biologics Price Competition and Innovation Act of 2009, Title VII of The Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act (2012)

  • The Environmental Ethic: Balancing Progress and our Environmental Future (2005)

  • The Digital Acceleration of Biomedical Research and Development (2015)


Just a few digital marketing pieces...

Responsive Email Marketing

Mobile friendly a/b tested design


In Indesign, Illustrator or photoshop

Effective Landing Pages and Calls to Action

A/B tested, SEM Landing pages for Lead Gen or Awareness

Video Production and Editing

For many organizations, video content is key!


And some websites I've developed or project managed...

Stack Health (Private Beta)

Medication adherance solutions


Crowdsourced Cancer Research


Sass Security and Analytics in HealthCare

Stack Health (Beta)

Medication adherance solutions


A Medical and Device Media Company

The Guy's Guide

Video Recipes by Chef Robert Fair


Private Vacation Rental Group

SmartPhone Comparison

Prototype Smartphone comparison website


Designed Multiple Elemnts, pages and CTA's.

Tuscon Student Apartments

Property Management and Apartment comparison for U of A

Silver Sea Cruises

Cruise Travel Agency


The Personal website of Chef Robert Fair

Kern High school District

Developed the Kern Learn Elearning Platform (in high school as an internship)

Stonesfair Financial

Real Estate Investment Group

Stonesfair management

Property Management. Designed multiple pages but not core site

Maui Vacation Rentals.com

Private Vacation Rental company in Maui

About Me

Just a little about myself



In my professional journey I've had the privilege to work with some of the most innovative and successful organizations in the world. From the print pages of The Wall Street Journal to the embedded Adwords of Google, to the bootstrapped startup world of the Silicon Valley: I've had the chance to see marketing and the startup space from many angles. I've directly managed and personally created dozens of successful email campaigns, product promo's, complete websites, lead generating events, SEO initiatives and much more.

The most inspiring and interesting people I know are passionate self-starters, collectors of knowledge and skill, lifelong students, and unapologetic expert generalists. While some may consider growth marketing a specialized niche, it's far from it... especially within healthcare and digital health. Anyone can set up an Adwords campaign or build a landing page but the psychology, the UX, and the data-driven analytics and understanding of what comes before and after that impression is what matters most (and is often neglected). My marketing philosophy is to understand the customer and tap data-driven metrics to craft inbound marketing mixes that most effectively drive demand, raise awareness, educate prospects, and ultimately maximize growth marketing ROI within any budget.

My Story

Having been born and raised in Southern California as a first-generation Swedish-American; I'm grateful to have had a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and well-rounded youth. I've humbley lived in 3 countries and travelled over 30. From my childhood in Los Angeles, I then spent nearly a year in rural northern Sweden in a Village of just 1100 people. I returned to California with a newfound appreciation for the opportunities emerging in technology and science. I came to the San Franscisco Bay Area for my undergraduate education and after nearly a decade of professional exploration and completing my graduate studies in business, in 2014 I left for latin america while conducting my thesis research and writing in the technological democratization of health and wellness, settling in Sucre Bolivia. I haven't lived a life of priveledge but feel so all the same. I'm enormously grateful for the unprecidented opportuntites that we enjoy in this time and age and I live to spend my time and energy on meaningful things that improve the human condition, human health, and our scientific understanding of the world.

While I value humility, I've grown to learn the value of sharing one's story and I try to inspire others to wear their passion and tell their story as well. I've followed my own path in life and (though I cringe saying it) I've consequently inherited the acryonym MIMITW (The Most Interesting Man In The World) from more than one social circle. Here are a few possible reasons why:

  • I've had the priveledge of working with some of the most amazing organizations in the world incuding NASA, The Wall Street Journal, and Google. After 10 years in the Silicon Valley I made a decision to pursue a lifelong dream of international adventure with more than a few scars and stories to tell...

  • At the tail end of 2013, after my helicopter went down in a freak winter storm in the Himalayas, I bushwacked off-trail for two days to a Buddhist Monastary, after which we continued trekking 120 miles by foot to reach Mt. Everest Base Camp and summiting several 20,000 ft peaks near the Tibettan border.

  • 3 Months after returning from Nepal, I packed my backpack again and bought a one-way ticket to Patagonia Chile. While writing my thesis, conducting research, and consulting with a US Client by Satellite phone with solar-powered laptop, I traveled over 10,000 miles by land (2,000 by foot and bike) across the various backcountries and jungles of South and Central America from the South of Patagonia to Cancun, Mexico.

  • I've summited all (15) 14,000 foot mountains across California and most of the western United States. I've Dedicated hundreds of hours to the San Mateo County Sherrif's Department in the Bay Area Mountain Rescue Unit. I've embarassingly suffered severe burns on both legs due to a slight mishap near a volcano. I've built lasers... for fun... 100,000 times more powerful than your average laser pointer -and optical telescopes larger than I stand.

  • Prior to NASA, I had the chance to work alongside Frank Drake and the SETI Team at Lick Observatory. I've published several peices ranging from Precision Medicine to the Economics of Future Prediction, cofounded one non-profit and a couple companies (with one exit that I hesitate to even call a success) and delivered keynote talks at several international startup organizations including startup Chile / Demo-Day Brazil.




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