Accelerating Regenerative Biotechnology

With more effective animal models

We're a mission-driven innovation platform for regenerative medicine. Cena Bio is
accelerating the pre-clinical development of therapeutic interventions in
neurodegenerative disease and other age-related diseases.

Cena Biosciences is a Bio-Innovation Platform.

We're de-risking & accelerating innovative pre-clinical research in neurodegenerative & age-related disease.

Optimized Animal Models

A growing body of scientific literature is showing the animal models we use in academic and private sector biomedical research are flawed. We're developing the tools to better select more effective animal models in research.

Enabling Science Teams

Our core team and network of collaborators are passionate about driving progress in oncology, neurodegenerative disease, cardiovascular disease and other age-related diseases. We're enabling our science research units with collaborative shared resources, lab facilities and access to automated vivarium facilitites.

Streamlining Research

We're fast-tracking research to clinic by standardizing and streamlining many of the time consuming administrative, regulatory, operational, logistical, legal, and IT requirements needed by biotechnology startups.

Accelerating Research To Clinic

Ultimately, our mission and goal is to improve the human condition by accelerating the most promising high-impact research in age-related disease to clinic. We're bringing viabile scientific research to the bay-area's life-sciences innovation ecosystem.

Strong Academic Collaborations

We work closely with academic researchers both as internal core team members as well as advisors, mentors, and educators. With close relationships at leading research universities we can better coordinate IP and tech transfer, animal resources and secure IT needs.

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