About Me

A little about myself...



In my professional journey I've had the privilege to work with some of the most innovative and successful organizations in the world. From the print pages of The Wall Street Journal to the embedded Adwords of Google, to the bootstrapped Silicon Valley startup world: I've had the chance to see innovation and entrepreneurship from more angles than most. I've directly managed and personally developed dozens of successful websites, email campaigns, quantitative investment programs, SEO initiatives and so much more.

The most inspiring and interesting people I know are passionate self-starters, collectors of knowledge and skill, lifelong students, and unapologetic expert generalists. That said, they share one thing in common: a distinct interest in predicting or modeling those things that determine our future. Science, politics, business may all be trying to do the same, but they are all also facing the challenges created by the increasingly complex nature of our world - particularly that of cross-disciplinary insight (or lack thereof). With the exponentially proliferating amount of data and increasingly specialized functions within industry, government, academia and elsewhere, we must remember that innovation requires us step back so that we may see the bigger picture.

Quantitative Polymath

Quantitative professional with a passion for finding the edge of/in foresight.

Technical Experiene

  • Agile Project Management
  • Rapid Prototyping (EE & ME)
  • Python, R and Matlab
  • Proficient in HTML, CSS, XML, mySQL, noSQL
  • Basic PHP, Javascript and Python
  • Dozens of websites developed
  • Platform integration and API Cx

Growth and Digital Marketing

  • Marketing Automation Certified
  • CRM Administration
  • SEM and SEO Campaign mgmt.
  • Competitive intel & Strategy
  • Solid KOL and Luminary mgmt
  • End to end email campaign
  • Strong Content Writing Skills

Management & Strategy

  • Competitive Intelligence
  • Go To Market Strategy
  • FDA & Health Regulations
  • HR Law and Recruiting
  • Direct and International Mgmt
  • MultiCultural and Multilingual
  • Knowledge of HealthCare ecosystem

Scientific & Interests

  • Basic Molecular Biology
  • Bioinformatics & Statistics
  • Basic Materials Science
  • Basic Circuit Design
  • Robotics and Drone Design
  • Machine Learning within Genetics
  • Imaging and Optics Exp.

My Story

Born and raised in Southern California as a first-generation Swedish-American I'm grateful to have had a multi-cultural, multi-lingual and well-rounded youth. I've humbly lived in 3 countries and traveled over 30. Having lived in rural Northern Sweden in a Village of 1200 people, to Los Angeles and the San Fransisco Bay Area, to Sucre Bolivia (the high-altitude original capital of Bolivia) I haven't lived a life of privilege but feel so all the same. I'm enormously grateful for the unprecedented opportunities that we enjoy in this time and age and I live to spend my time on energy on meaningful things that improve humanity, human health and happiness.

While I value humility, I've grown to learn the value of sharing one's story and I try to inspire others to wear their passion and tell their story as well. I cringe saying it but I've inherited the acronym MIMITW (The Most Interesting Man In The World) from more than one social circle. Here are a few interesting reasons why:

  • I've had the privilege of working with some of the most amazing organizations in the world including NASA, The Wall Street Journal, and Google. After 10 years in the Silicon Valley I made a decision to pursue a lifelong dream of international adventure with more than a few scars and stories to tell...

  • After my helicopter went down in a freak winter storm in the Himalayas I bushwhacked off-trail for 12km to a Buddhist Monastery and continued trekking 120 miles to reach Everest Base Camp and summit a 20,000 ft peak near the Tibetan border.

  • While writing my thesis, conducting research, and consulting with a US Client by Satellite phone and solar powered laptop, I traveled over 10,000 miles by land (2,000 by foot and bike) across the various back-countries and jungles of South and Central America from the South of Patagonia to Cancun, Mexico.

  • I've summited all (15) 14,000 foot mountains across the California and most of the western US. I've embarrassingly suffered severe burns on both legs due to a mishap near a volcano. I've built lasers... for fun... 100,000 times more powerful than your average laser pointer -and optical telescopes larger than I stand. I've worked alongside Frank Drake and the Seti Team. Released several publications ranging from Precision Medicine to the Economics of Future Prediction, co-founded one non-profit and a couple startups and delivered keynote talks at several international startup organizations including startup Chile / Demo-Day Brazil. -Yet something tells me all of the above experiences will be nothing compared to my next endeavor: the quantitative hedge fund world.




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